Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On Idolatry

People have their collective panties in a collective wad about some guy that is going to burns some Korans on September 11th.

I have always thought it is funny that people get upset about the burning of "Holy" books. First of all, I could not care less if you burn the books that I hold sacred. Go ahead and burn 'The Road to Serfdom.' The sacred part of the book is not contained in the ink or paper, but the idea which, luckily, is not flammable.

In fact, I hope that people go out and buy Hayek's book and then burn it. It will put money in the pockets of publishers that support liberty. It is for this reason, and this reason alone that I do not support the burning of Korans.

And remember, both The Bible and Koran have a little something to say about worshiping false idols. Isn't that what you are doing when you place the emphasis on the book rather than the message?

Just to be dick, I am going to download a free version of the Koran and then delete it. Take that.

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